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      Played around the system, some queries found (related to access rights):

      1) User A can delete records (such as Candidate/Company …) created by another User B even set only “create and edit” right in the user management. (A new profile is created in the “Manage Profile” where All(create/edit/preview/list) were set to “Yes”, except “Delete” was set to “NO”, User A and B are belong to same Profile)

      2) User A is able to change the owner of a candidate created by User B which should be prohibited (or should only be done by Admin)

      3) In the Company Search, User A can find the company created by user B (using “*” to search). Furthermore, can be deleted as well. Seems inproper.

      4) What is the use of Group?

      5) Also, in report section, user should only see his/her own report (should not include other users)?

      6) Cannot send emails to GMAIL but successful to Yahoo.

      Thank you very much.

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