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      The CandidATS version 3.0.0(Pilava) Beta is going to be released 14th January 2022.

      It has the following additional features

      1) Now the record added to the pipeline has separate owner called Pipeline Owner. The pipeline owner is displayed in the Dashboard in the Important Candidates list.
      2) New graph (Hiring Overview By Pipeline Owner) is added to show the performance of pipeline owner. The Hiring overview can be filtered by User.
      3) A new graph called Detailed Marketing View is added in the Dashboard

      Roles and Permission
      1) Added UI for setting sharing access at Settings->administration->Manage Sites
      2) Now roles and permission applicable to all the modules and in all the display
      3) Ability to set hierarchical roles and the record displayed based on the hierarchical permissions
      4) Ability to restrict the export option to a role
      5) Report and List module also brought under profile.
      6) New permission email has been added to list module.
      7) New permission history has been added in job order to make the history visible or not.

      1) Ability to send mass email through list module by those who have permission through profile

      1) Enabled ajax editing (preview screen) for drop down and checkboxes also

      1) Added link for all the summary of the report module
      2) Ability to export the displayed result

      1) Ability to assign a event to many user with email notification

      1) New version checking facility in Settings->adminstration
      2) Ability to track all the activities of a user

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