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      We used OpenCATS for several years and it was a relief last year to discover that Auieo decided to pickup the development under the CandidATS brand. Since then I note that OpenCATS is also now back in development and has a shiny new website (although they still don’t have an improved version for download). Still I’m glad I made the switch to CandidATS and intend to stay here.

      My main concern is there don’t seem to be many people aware that CandidATS exists, at least the download numbers (presently shows as 67) give that impression. CandidATS is a great piece of software, simple but efficient and easy to manage, and I think a lot more recruiters should be using it; so how do we make that happen? The more recruiters that use CandidATS the better it will become and the less likely it is that Auieo will drop development in the future.

      Also, a question for Tamil: how do we donate to support development?

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