Prasad Nimmagadda

I have been a user for CandidATS for almost 6 years now. Before they started this project there is only OpenCATS which was kind of aborted since 2009. Opencats was very difficult to install as well.

Tamil Amuthan and his team has done an excellent job in creating this project as a continuation for OpenCATS. CandidATS product is very user Friendly and easy to install.

With changes in Platforms all the time keeping up with changes is tough. I had issues with my latest install on Ubuntu with PHP 7.4. Tamil and Shobana worked with me to help me solve the issues and have a stable working setup.
Very Happy to see such a support. Very good Company and great support which is run very efficiently. Having this kind of support for Open Source project is unseen.

I would give them more than 5 stars if I had the option.

Good Job guys!! Keep it up.