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Working of Email Settings

1.Go to “Settings”
2.Click “Administration”
3.Click “General Email Configuration”
4.Select any of the available checkbox
5.Click “Save”
6.Go to CANDIDATE module
7.Click a CANDIDATE RECORD which is assigned to a JOB ORDER
8.Click “Log an Activity / Change Status” at Job Order Assigned to a CANDIDATE
9.Select Checkbox “Change Status”
10.IN “DROP DOWN” select the Selected Checkbox option from settings module
11.Tick the “Checkbox” named “Send Email Notification”
12.Click “Save”

Working:Both the Checkbox in setting module and the respective checkbox found while changing status of a candidate must be “checked”(tick) to enable the working of email.

IF only one checkbox r no checkbox is checked email will not be sent to the candidate on change of status

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