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CandidATS vs Open CATS vs CATS One

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An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a core component of a recruiting software suite. It simplifies the recruitment lifecycle by automating the hiring process—from receiving online applications and reviewing resumes, to interviewing candidates and on-boarding new hires.

No one can deny the importance of ATS especially when the Company has very complicated Recruitment process. In fact, ATS has become indispensable in today’s market as it is used in many Companies.

This article deals with a vital and important aspect on comparison of three ATS. All the three ATS are full featured and very user friendly.

The three Applicant Tracking System taken for comparison are

  1. CandidATS
  2. Open CATS
  3. CATS One


(The comparison is based on their features. A tabular format of comparison is chosen to clear representation)


Sl.No. Feature CandidATS OpenCATS CATS One
1. Free Version Yes Yes No
2. Field Level Security Yes No No
3. Tag Feature Yes No No
4. Permission, Roles, Group and Access Control Yes No No
5. Multi-Company Recruitment Services Yes No No
6. Interview Scheduling Yes No No
7.  Inline editing Yes No No
8. Pipe Line Management Yes Yes Yes
9. API Yes No Yes
10. Boolean search for the contents of every resume in your database Yes Yes Yes
11. Keyword search your entire database Yes Yes Yes
12. Candidates Management Yes Yes Yes
13. Security Yes Yes Yes
14. Support Yes Yes Yes
15. Documentation Yes Yes Yes



To conclude, an applicant tracking system is one of the most powerful resources that a recruiting firm can use to gain an advantage in a competitive market. A Staffing and Recruiting Trends Survey reinforced this simple truth with a variety of telling statistics.


  1. 77% of recruiters said they needed an ATS or CRM to do their jobs effectively – Though firms from all segments of recruiting have a high level of appreciation for the efficiency provided by applicant tracking systems, large firms favour them most of all. As job orders increase in volume and complexity along with the size of their firms, recruiters can benefit greatly from the streamlined processes inherent to applicant tracking systems.
  2. 48% of all placements came from ATS candidates– Nearly half of all placements made by respondents in 2014 were achieved with existing candidates in respondents’ applicant tracking systems. Among other candidate sources (including referrals, social media, and job boards), the applicant tracking system reigns supreme in terms of its ability to generate placements.
  3. “Sourcing candidates from ATS” ranked best candidate sourcing strategy of 2014– By compiling a large, healthy group of candidates in their applicant tracking systems, recruiters give themselves a leg up on less organized competition by investing in the most effective sourcing strategy in the market. Other sourcing methods simply don’t hold a candle to the speed and power of a best-in-class applicant tracking system.

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