CandidATS vs Open CATS vs CATS One

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An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a core component of a recruiting software suite. It simplifies the recruitment lifecycle by automating the hiring process—from receiving online applications and reviewing resumes, to interviewing candidates and on-boarding new hires.

No one can deny the importance of ATS especially when the Company has very complicated Recruitment process. In fact, ATS has become indispensable in today’s market as it is used in many Companies.

This article deals with a vital and important aspect on comparison of three ATS. All the three ATS are full featured and very user friendly.

The three Applicant Tracking System taken for comparison are

  1. CandidATS
  2. Open CATS
  3. CATS One


(The comparison is based on their features. A tabular format of comparison is chosen to clear representation)


Sl.No. Feature CandidATS OpenCATS CATS One
1. Free Version Yes Yes No
2. Field Level Security Yes No No
3. Tag Feature Yes No No
4. Permission, Roles, Group and Access Control Yes No No
5. Multi-Company Recruitment Services Yes No No
6. Interview Scheduling Yes No No
7.  Inline editing Yes No No
8. Pipe Line Management Yes Yes Yes
9. API Yes No Yes
10. Boolean search for the contents of every resume in your database Yes Yes Yes
11. Keyword search your entire database Yes Yes Yes
12. Candidates Management Yes Yes Yes
13. Security Yes Yes Yes
14. Support Yes Yes Yes
15. Documentation Yes Yes Yes



To conclude, an applicant tracking system is one of the most powerful resources that a recruiting firm can use to gain an advantage in a competitive market. A Staffing and Recruiting Trends Survey reinforced this simple truth with a variety of telling statistics.


  1. 77% of recruiters said they needed an ATS or CRM to do their jobs effectively – Though firms from all segments of recruiting have a high level of appreciation for the efficiency provided by applicant tracking systems, large firms favour them most of all. As job orders increase in volume and complexity along with the size of their firms, recruiters can benefit greatly from the streamlined processes inherent to applicant tracking systems.
  2. 48% of all placements came from ATS candidates– Nearly half of all placements made by respondents in 2014 were achieved with existing candidates in respondents’ applicant tracking systems. Among other candidate sources (including referrals, social media, and job boards), the applicant tracking system reigns supreme in terms of its ability to generate placements.
  3. “Sourcing candidates from ATS” ranked best candidate sourcing strategy of 2014– By compiling a large, healthy group of candidates in their applicant tracking systems, recruiters give themselves a leg up on less organized competition by investing in the most effective sourcing strategy in the market. Other sourcing methods simply don’t hold a candle to the speed and power of a best-in-class applicant tracking system.

Free Open Source Applicant Tracking System(ATS)

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Applicant tracking system allows the Digital dealing with recruitment needs. Free Open source Applicant Tracking System affords a principal region and database for a corporation’s recruitment efforts. These are constructed to higher help the control of resumes and applicant records. Applicant Tracking Software facilitates to streamline and automate the whole staffing manner thru a described workflow.
An applicant monitoring gadget will assist you to control all of your recruiting efforts, from posting the placement to sending the provide letter and the whole lot in between.

You’ll in the end be capable of submit your open positions to a couple of process boards and social media websites with simply one click on your mouse. You’ll additionally be capable of screen your posting’s reaction throughout all the platforms. The records an applicant monitoring gadget affords will assist you to optimize postings to draw better nice applicants.

An applicant tracking system will permit you to customize your software for every function and region. You won’t want to depend upon a character process board’s abilities. You also can use process screening inquiries to routinely rule out unqualified candidates. With an applicant monitoring gadget, you may check your applicants’ resumes by requiring them to whole assessments.

Now which you have the best-certified applicants to your process pool, you may start sorting and making use of fame codes to candidates. An applicant monitoring gadget can discover resumes the usage of key phrases and different seek parameters. You can keep candidates and import them as capability applicants for destiny process openings.

An applicant tracking system doesn’t simply make locating the suitable new rent easier. It additionally facilitates your song records for federal reporting purposes. You can automate the responsibilities and reviews you require to make sure recruiting compliance. An applicant monitoring gadget may also replace the cutting-edge necessities that will help you stay compliant.

Why Are Applicant Tracking Systems Important?

An applicant tracking system will provide you with the energy to harness the virtual age to make the maximum of your recruiting records.

You can permit an applicant monitoring gadget to do the grunt paintings for you. The blessings of the usage of software programs to song your hiring efforts move past saving some clicks or tossing your password book. The integrated analytics that incorporates the gadget will assist you to hone your handiest hiring and retention practices. Ultimately, higher applicants become greater precious new hires with higher retention rates.

Applicant Tracking System Features and Benefits

The applicant tracking system program gives blessings and functions at some point of the hiring manner.

Being capable of appeal to greater certified applicants is simply one applicant tracking system feature. For example, possibly you’ve been too swamped to submit your positions to greater than a pair of process boards. If so, you could be lacking out to your perfect applicant. With an applicant monitoring gadget, you may submit to a couple of process web sites in an unrelated manner.

Once process seekers discover your posting, they are able to choose to follow for multiple processes. The resumes and packages you acquire may be stored for destiny process openings. With an applicant monitoring gadget, you’ll be capable of creating a pool of candidates who’ve already expressed a hobby in operating at your corporation.

You’ll be capable of have interacting candidates at the gadgets they use the maximum. Millennials make up the most important demographic withinside the workforce. Your hiring manner should be cell pleasant in case you are going to attain the maximum applicants.

An applicant tracking system will make it smooth for process seekers to submit their resume and fill out your software from a cell device. When it comes time to touch appropriate applicants, you’ll be capable of ship text and e-mail messages from withinside the applicant monitoring gadget.

An applicant tracking system can enhance the workflow of your whole hiring manner. Everyone at the hiring group can paintings withinside the identical platform. You can installation a couple of users with various ranges of access. You’ll be capable of installation interview questions and different files for every function. You can seek, type, and follow a standing to candidates so the best people who are maximum certified are on the pinnacle of the pile.

From there, you may easily view all of your communications with candidates. You’ll be capable of time table interviews. You can even disqualify applicants for destiny consideration. You can order heritage checks and ship provide letters from withinside the program. Once you’ve got your new rent, you may switch all of her applicable records into worker onboarding software program.

List of Free Open sources applicant tracking systems. Find the below details,

Applicant Tracking System Advantages

Companies spend billions every 12 months of their recruiting efforts. Much of this fee comes from the time it takes to discover, rent and teach new personnel. The fee is compounded while new hires go away earlier than their first anniversary and hiring managers should undergo the manner throughout again.

An applicant tracking system assists you to reign in the one’s costs. Many groups lack a centralized platform for his or her recruiting efforts. Job postings resume, and candidate communications are scattered in a clumsy series of spreadsheets and submitting cabinets.

Applicant Tracking System Disadvantages

Tracking candidates thru an ATS doesn’t paintings for all employers.

It’s excellent to have the ability for records. But you’ll want to make investments time for education stakeholders to control the hiring manner inside an ATS gadget. For that reason, even stand-by myself applicant monitoring software program isn’t for employers who rent rarely. And, an ATS that can be part of an organization HRIS (human assets records gadget) is commonly utilized by mid-sized groups and large agencies.

An applicant tracking system might not be essential for employers that aren’t required to record recruiting compliance records. For example, agencies with fewer than 50 personnel that still don’t have authority contracts might not enjoy the records abilities of an applicant monitoring gadget. Such groups possibly have simply one individual who manages the majority of the hiring manner the usage of e-mail folders, spreadsheets, or an internet shape on their company website.

An ATS gives functions that you simply can’t replicate. For example, the gadget can seamlessly combine with on-line process boards. When an applicant monitoring gadget is an Indeed partner, you’ll be capable of permit applicants to view and begin the software manner in your process posting immediately from Indeed. An applicant monitoring gadget can add a resume in PDF layout to make it smooth for process seekers on-the-visit speedy imply their hobby. Then, you could invite screened applicants to offer greater records later withinside the choice manner with a multi-step process software.

Putting your hiring files and records in a single smooth-to-use platform will assist you to keep away from losing your group’s time. A strong platform that integrates with the cutting-edge hiring tendencies is higher than gaining knowledge of the way to construct an advert hoc applicant monitoring gadget with spreadsheets and a paper trail.

An applicant tracking system is higher than an Excel template due to the fact it’s designed to parse thru a massive series of records. Applicants could be loading their records into the gadget themselves once they follow on a smooth-to-use process web website online presenting your corporation brand. From there, you’ll be capable of seeking thru applicant records without complicated formulas. You’ll have easy searches and reviews comfortably available.

With your gadget and hiring manner withinside the cloud, you won’t want to depend upon your corporation’s gradual IT group. Your applicant monitoring gadget additionally won’t be confined through the practical necessities of your corporation’s server. The scalability of an applicant monitoring gadget method may develop together along with your corporation.

Job Advertisement

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How to write a great job ad?

A job posting is used to submit jobs and facilitates standardize them throughout a business. A top template ought to list matters that entice terrific applicants, in place of list necessities and qualifications. Job postings also are known as task advertisements, announcements, task ads, or desired ads.

How to Write a Job Posting:

Introduce your enterprise and your open position.

1. Use a killer task title.

This is the maximum crucial part of your task posting whilst you’re posting to boards. When you write your title, encompass the call of the placement and the pinnacle one to a few matters on the way to make the task appealing to an applicant.

2. Add an emotive introduction.

This is an unmarried paragraph that offers 3 to 5 info candidates will discover maximum interest approximately the task. It is much like the lead that newspapers use to hook you into analyzing the total article.

3. Tell your enterprise story.

This consists of records approximately your enterprise that candidates need to know. Include records like what number of years you’ve been in business, how lengthy personnel stay (if this suggests that humans stay with you), thrilling customers or projects, device that candidates may be excited approximately, awards, accolades, and paintings lifestyle statistics on the way to hobby them.

Write your Job description.

1. Really promote the placement.

Rather than the standard laundry listing of bullet factors, the simplest encompass necessities that might be crucial to this task. Try to restrict yourself to at least one to a few matters. Then offer records on paintings hours, pay, thrilling coworkers, schooling opportunities, blessings or perks, and something else candidates will discover thrilling.

2. Push your region.

Moving is an impediment to everybody thinking about your task that doesn’t stay in your region. If you need to draw humans from different places, promote candidates in the region. Give them information about schools, activities, crime rates, matters to do, etc. If your region is a smooth trip from many key hiring regions then ensure to spell out the real trip time. A candidate will constantly be eager on a position that could reduce their trip through 30 minutes.

3. Repeat why they ought to follow.

This phase is a brief bullet-pointed recap of the pinnacle 5 to 6 motives a person ought to follow in your task. If you’ve got got an extended task submit this could ensure that your key factors are front-of-thoughts whilst the candidate is soaring over the follow button.

4. Spell out the utility process.

Detail the entirety from after they first follow to after they get hired. This way, applicants might not be left withinside the darkish approximately “what takes place next.” This is in particular crucial when you have a position that could be a one-interview hire. Candidates who might be right away to be had will soar on roles like this as they are able to get a task in days in place of weeks.

Edit your task posting and test your touch records.

1. Have different humans study it.

Treat this task submit writing exercising simply as you will every other crucial piece of enterprise marketing. Get a couple of humans to study it and offer you sincere feedback. Make certain you’ve got constant mistakes earlier than you submit the task to loads of task boards.

2. Improve your email responses.

Look at all of the emails which you ship to applicants at every step of the hiring process. Pick them aside and make certain they’re clear, personal, and hold to promote the candidate at the position at each step. A terrible first reaction to a candidate’s utility will undo all of the top paintings you probably did withinside the task submits through getting them to follow.

Benefits of Job Portal

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Job portal and its benefits

Supposedly, there may be an emptiness for your organization, and also you craft a killer task ad. Then you submit it on diverse social media channels or even ship out emails to all of the person looking for referrals. Well, you probably did an extremely good task making the location appearance attractive, and feature closely marketed it via paid mediums. Then you take a seat down again in your seat and assume a flood of CVs to seem for your inbox. But not anything appears. Two days later, once more you click. Still, not anything appears. This is in which task portal internet site improvement can do wonders for you!

Benefits of Creating Job Portal

Well, attempting to find amazing skills every so often calls for greater than posting on social media. With human sources being the pinnacle enterprise expense, it’s far crucial which you begin prioritizing your recruitment process. In this article, we can give an explanation for why task portal internet site improvement is critical for a smarter, smoother, and simpler recruitment process.

1. Firstly, it promotes employers brand

When a task seeker is trying to discover a possibility at your organization, the primary vicinity they may have a take a observe is your professional internet site. And they’re now no longer simplest seeking out a task, however, additionally, they need to recognize the paintings culture, their professional growth, the workplace, the blessings that may be offered, and the sort of product and offerings they provide. So, an internet task portal with an amazing Applicant Tracking gadget permits you to create an unbroken extension on your internet site. With this fine affiliation with custom net improvement, the probabilities of having terrific skills will skyrocket.

2. Secondly, the time and fee to lease applicants reduce

Companies want to behave speedy to get preserve of appropriate skills because the pinnacle gamers do now no longer stay withinside the marketplace for too long. As a task portal internet site improvement brings down a number of relief. Processes that have numerous bureaucracy may be streamlined with the aid of using automation tools, very quickly.

The centralized gadget additionally reduces the fees with the aid of using removing statistics redundancy and inconsistency withinside the hiring process. Therefore, companies can advantage with the aid of using figuring out higher applicants the usage of standardized approaches to select applicants, in place of filling positions in haste.