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CandidATS is a leading free open source applicant tracking system.


Need php >= 5.4

1) Upload the CandidATS files to the server root or to any directory under the server root. And create a database using PHPMyadmin
2) Go to the URL {CandidATS uploaded path}. For ex.
3) Click the  Installation Wizard link.
4) The Installer will start run.
5) All the test will be done in the first screen. And check whether all test pass. You can ignore the SOAP test if it does not pass
6) Next screen will ask for you database name, database user and database password and host name(usually localhost)
7) Click the test database button. If pass, Click the Next button
8) Choose the new installation in the screen and click Next
9) Now Resume Indexing Configuration will appear
10) Click Skip this wizard button
11) Enter your email and choose PHP Built-in Mail support or SMPT from the Mail support dropdown
12) In the Loading Extras – Localization screen, choose your timezone and click next
13) Now Finishing Installation screen will appear with username and password details
14) Now go to the URL {CandidATS uploaded path}. For ex.
15) Login with the user and password. Now another wizard ask you to change the password
16) type the user and password and click next
17) Now the wizard will ask for Email. Fill it.
18) Now the wizard will ask for Site Name. Give your company name. For ex. EZ Recruit
19) Finish it. Done!!

Upgrade/Migration from CandidATS/OpenCATS.

Migration has to be done in 3 steps
Version before 1.3.2 has to be migrated to 1.3.2 stable
Version 1.3.2 stable has to be migrated to 2.0.0 stable
Version 2.0.0 stable has to be migrated to 2.1.0 Beta

Before Migrate,

1) Backup database, attachment directory, upload directory and config.php.
2) Remove all files from the root directory.
3) Upload the CandidATS files.
4) Run the installer
5) choose migrate and follow the instruction
6) Restore the attachment and upload directories

After migration to CandidATS 2.0.0 stable, run the run the {candidats Installation url}/migrateextrafield.php
A file named as extrafield.sql will be generated on the root directory
Execute the extrafield.sql in the database

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