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Enable HR Mode in CandidATS

After Installation, Open the database

Click “candidats” database whatever you set the database name for CandidATS

View the “candidats table list”

Click “site” from the candidats table list

View the “site table” page

In current page, your site name will appear in the site table
For Ex: Our Site Name is “Auieo”

Scroll the “site table” right side and View the “is_hr_mode” column

In that view “0” in “is_hr_mode” and double click on the “0”

Delete the “0” put “1” in the “is_hr_mode” field and click “Enter”

“is_hr_mode” value as changed “1”

Go to Candidats login page

Enter the user name and password whatever you set for CandidATS

Click “Login”

View CandidATS home page

In menu can view “My Company”

Now you can start use the CandidATS for your Company.

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