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How to create an activity in candidates module?

    1. Go to Candidates module

    2. Now you should add candidate by using Add candidates link.

    3. After adding,you can see the list of candidates records in candidates page.

    4. Next you should click on any candidate name for create a activity.

    5. After clicking,it will shown to you a particular candidates details.

    6. You should scroll down the page.

    7. At bottom,you can able to see the Log an Activity link.

    8. Click on that Log an Activity link,after one dialogue box will be open.

    9. In that box,they asking activity name in Activity notes text area.

    10. You should give any name for creating activity.

    11. After you must click the save button.

    12. Then you will go to see the Activities modules. whatever you create a activity in candidates module that will be listed in Activities module.

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