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SLD in GeoServer

Introduction to SLD: Geospatial data has no intrinsic visual components. In this component we create styling for specific color ,thickness and other visible attributes used to render data on a map. The full form of SLD is Styled Layer Description. In Geoserver styling is accomplish using a markup language. SLD is XML-based markup language and it is very powerful.   Concepts of SLD: Styling is most often specified using Xml style document. These styling documents are associated with geoserver layers. The layer and style are the element having name, title and abstract in it.these kinds of styling having the capabilites of top-level style and one or more feature type styling in virtual layers. To specify the individual feature of the styling rules contains any number of symbolizers. Symbolizers specify the styling in three ways.such as Points,Lines and Polygons as well as rasters and text labels. The controls of the styling is based on the feature attributes and zoom levels.   Types of Styling: Geoserver can consists of three classes of shapes: such as points, Lines and Polygons. Lines are the one-dimensional shape  and it is simplest only to edge to the style. it is also known as 'strokes'. Polygon are the two-dimensional shape and it edges and inside. it is also known as fill. Geoserver also servers raster data. This can be styled with a wide variety of control over color palette, opacity, constracts and other parameter. Styling can also determining the zoom level. Text labels ialso the feature is also possible for styling.    

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